6 comments on “Reusable Editors – TFS build arguments
  1. Alon Amsalem says:

    Very helpful, Thanks !!!

  2. Great article one of those that should stick on my Bookmarks!
    It’s really a pity that still today we don’t have any Dictionary editor available “out of the box”. I found that quite annoying, even because with WPF is quite easy to achieve that.

  3. codingit says:

    That’s some brilliant research – thanks very much 🙂

  4. […] For good info about other editors and links, see the following link: Reusable Editors – TFS build arguments […]

  5. sriprasanna says:

    Hi do you know if it possible to show the sub elements of a custom datatype in the build definition file? For example the ‘Agent setting’ drops down its sub elements in the same way I want to show the elements of my datatype…Thanks!

  6. gyoreg says:

    Hi Sriprasanna,

    You can simply decorate your class with the below attribute:



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